Equipment Calibration

We calibrate monitors and sensors, test equipment, upgrade the firmware and the software to ensure our equipment’s continued performance. Depending on your requirements, calibration can take as little as 2 days. We can rent equipment to cover your project requirements during calibration should it be required.

Where you rent our equipment, we can simply swap equipment at recalibration time, meaning minimal downtime, and ensuring minimal impact on reporting.


Texcel recommends that you get your Blast or Vibration monitor and sensors calibrated every 12 months, Gas Monitors every 3 months, Noise Monitors and Weather Stations every 24 months

Calibration Inclusions:

When a monitor is returned to Texcel for calibration, the following work is carried out:

Please return the following items:

On the purchase order(with company letterhead), please include monitor number/s, cost acceptance and return freight details to avoid delays in return of your monitor system

Please return the monitor system along with a purchase order to:

Texcel Pty Ltd
Unit 1 180 Northgate Rd
Northgate, Queensland, 4013

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