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Mines & Quarries

Created to connect teams through Environmental Data

Whether you are the Mine Manager, the Enviro, the D&B Engineer, the Geotec, the Surveyor or the Regulator, Guardian by Texcel provides your team a complete, connected solution, trusted data, with well-maintained systems. 

Guardian by Texcel extends to blast, vibration, noise, and dust. 

Want to know more? Ask us how Guardian by Texcel can inform and empower your teams with this full-service package.

Mines & Quarries | Texcel


Mines & Quarries | Texcel


Mines & Quarries | Texcel


Mines & Quarries | Texcel



Texcel supplies the appropriate equipment, installs it, operates it, maintains it, recalibrates it and ensures you get the data you need when and where you need it in a format tailored to your needs.