Our Services

Here at Texcel, we provide many services to compliment our equipment. 


Installation is critical part of getting it right. Whether short, medium, or long-term, how and where each system is installed will play a crucial role in the value of the data. We can refer you to a technical bulletin to complete your on-site installation, or we can do the install.


Whether you’re new to vibration and want to DIY, or whether you just want to leave it to the experts – we’ll happily work with you either way. Vibration monitoring, systems, and associated services are tricky, but we’ll guide you through every step. With over 25 years of experience working across all states and territories, and with all of the applicable standards (DIN,BS,AS/NZ), we are the guys to call.


We calibrate monitors and sensors, test equipment, upgrade the firmware and the software to ensure our equipment’s continued performance. Depending on your requirements, calibration can take as little as 2 days. We can rent equipment to cover your project requirements during calibration should it be required.

In some instances, where you rent our equipment, we can simply swap equipment, meaning minimal downtime, and ensuring minimal impact on reporting.


Compliance data is extremely important to have in a secure, and yet easily accessible location.

We can provide you with a real-time data management service, integrating all of your compliance data, and storing it in a place that you can access when you require. Your data can be stored on your Server, or ours (with customisable reports emailed to you on demand).

Where we are managing your data, we can also integrate your real-time data into a third party software program that may already be used within your company (e.g. Envault, Monitor Pro, Envirosys, Corvus etc)

With our in-house development team, we can provide a system with our turn-key service that is customized to your specific requirements.