General Texcel Monitor (GTM)

GTM delivers unparalleled ease of operation and simple set up for vibration and blast monitoring in a precision engineered, light weight package.

  • Duty Timetables: T-Link allows the user to create duty timetables, enabling the monitor to go into ‘sleep’ mode when monitoring is not required. This helps to conserve battery life.
  • Standard onboard memory: Allows for hundreds of waveforms and tens of thousands of events to be stored.  
  • Overpressure Peak Detect: The GTM incorporates circuitry to detect peak overpressure, providing a 100µs detector onset time as required by many environmental authorities.
  • Power supply: Internal rechargeable battery pack powers the GTM, making it suitable for operation in any situation. The extremely low power consumption allows up to two weeks of continuous 24/7 operation between battery charges or longer if duty timetables are reduced.
  • Packaging: The IP65 rated weatherproof GTM weighs only 1.2 kg including batteries.

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