Environmental Texcel Monitor (ETM)

ETM delivers unmatched monitoring versatility in one rugged, precision engineered, real-time system.

  • SMS function: The ETM has the ability to send and receive SMS messages.   This allows for real-time alerts on low power, critera exceedance, and several others. The ability for the ETM to receive a SMS allows access to key system stats on-demand.
  • Power supply: The ETM draws power from long life internal batteries for up to one month dependant on system set-up and sensors.  We have standard mains power with optional external battery or solar panel, making it suitable for operation in almost any situation.
  • Packaging: The ETM is packaged in a rugged and durable case, which holds the batteries, sensors, and accessories. The IP65 rated weatherproof design of this self-contained unit allows you to transport and install the ETM easily.  The ETM can be packaged in a range of enclosure to suit application, site, and environment.
  • Real-time Data: The ETM offer our clients access to a turn key , shift on the fly system.  We can change settings, adjust SMS alerts, change sensors, and several more.   This can be done by the client or as a service.  see more Data+ service

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